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Madoka Kaname - my consciousness turns monochrome by Mizukishou Madoka Kaname - my consciousness turns monochrome by Mizukishou
    ❝  The moon is right, the spirit'sup. We're here tonight and that's enough. Simply having a wonderful Christmas time. ❞

    :bulletblue: SOME INFORMATIONS
    The wig styling and make-up were done by me.
    - *Mizukishou as Madoka Kaname 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ
    -「Christmas Special」
    - photograph: Selfieshoots
    - photography edit: Mizukishou

    A vigorous "Hello" to all my dear followers! へ(^¬^へ) IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME, GUYS! In Germany gifts are already exchanged on 24.; therefore you get my Christmas greetings now. Christmas is the time of year, we most look forward to. It is special moment in which we can escape our routines and be reunited with family and loved ones; a time of hope and best wishes. ヾ(^ ^) Unfortunately, there is no snow in Germany at the moment. Currently, it is still too warm. No "white Christmas" this year. So sad. But maybe it's better that way. After all, we also have our next SnK shooting soon. I'm looking forward to it, because we have planned many beautiful things. So great, I've never celebrated New Year's Eve  event that way. It will be a meaningful moment in my life. ♥
    Today I'm going to visit Frankfurt once again - my second home. Like I said before, I spend my Christmas with Anshie and San-chi. Today, you can participate in Anshies "Shingeki no Kyojin Giveaway" for the very last time. SO TAKE YOUR CHANCE! Tomorrow we will draw the winner. For this event, we specially make a little video. I'm a bit nervous, haha . . . (◤▽◥;) I wish you all good luck! We also need to turn a few scenes for our SnK CMV (the last ones). CMV IS COMING SOON! Stay tuned! It will be so awesome, I swear. I already saw the nearly finished version. I'm curious to know, how you will like it. I you want to know how I spend my time in Frankfurt, you should follow me on Instagram. Here is the link: (Daily Posts) (^ワ^)
    Time for the Christmas gift to you: I hope, you enjoy it. Hehe, I collected some ideas, how I could send you my Christmas greetings. So I thought Madoka would be quite cute. A little comic strip - I loved the imagination. Many lovely people have asked me, when I'm going to cosplay her again. So yeah, here it is. Yeah, no official version for sure. *lol* (^ロ^;) Cuteness level over 9000? I tried at least. I think, I did a good job. You can find a higher resolution (with a better quality) on my deviantART page. Let me know, how you liked it.

    :bulletblue: PHOTO SHARING
    - Using of my photographs for commercial purposes and photo-manipulations are strictly prohibited.
    - Reposting is allowed (tumblr,...), but please put a credit link to me.


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IIShikiII Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013
Cuteness overload <3
Mizukishou Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
maromichan Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013
Aww, thanks :3. This is adorable :D
Mizukishou Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
    Hihi, thank you! :3
maromichan Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
You're welcome :D
AnyaPanda Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013
I love this! ^.^
Mizukishou Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
    Arwwww. x3 Thank you!!
LunasaeKimura Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
So Kawaii!!!!
Mizukishou Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
    Thank you! >////<
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